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6 Reasons Why dating a south indian guy is like a boon

  1. Get gift of gold: South Indian guys are fond of gold and most of them have kilo of gold in their home. So you never know, he can gift you a genuine gold bracelet, chain or anything.

  2. Intelligent– South Indian are mainly highly educated and very intelligent. They are born engineers and too brainy. They can defeat you in discussion from global warming to why to eat non veg. From Maths to English, they are too learnt in each subject.

  3. Don’t stop you from over eating: South Indian loves fat girl. They are foodaholic and loves eating. With rice as well they take 100s of items. They have special love for sweets and that’s a mandatory items after their food.

  4. More than looks your intelligence matters to him: For them it hardly matters how you look or dress. Your intelligence is matters to them. They wont ask you to look like J Lo but love if you wear traditional Indian dress.

  5. Loyal and respect woman: South Indians are best when it comes to respect woman. They are loyal to their woman. Once dating a woman they hardly get inclined to other. Their open-mindedness and civic sense is well famous among Indians.

  6. Don’t understand Hindi well: If somehow you have fought with him, you can write curse words in Hindi. The best thing is till the time they understand what you have written, probably you will calm down and can try for reconciliation.