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Name:            Ankita M Iyer
Age:                 23
Hobbies:       Singing, Dancing, Craft making, Cooking, Acting, Music
Place:              Bangalore

About me:

As a girl who is brought up in a traditional and orthodox Brahmin family, to think beyond the line that is to be into media industry was a challenge to me. With my parents support and encouragement, I have got this opportunity to be a finalist of south India queen 2017. I believe that only the person who can dream well can achieve the best. Dreams enhance your desires and build your strength to get close to achieve it. This platform is a very important event in my career. Being a women Beauty is just not her identity, women has showcased her achievement in every field today but, this should reach to every corner of the country.  I believe in myself and that’s my only strength.

Duty after winning SIQ:

My moto towards service is -any help or service should bring a change to an individual and also be a lesson to the society in other terms set an example! This beauty pageant is based on services which is a great platform for me to achieve both my dreams and complete my desire. To build a great platform to transgender to bring out the talent in them, to get their equality in the society is my first goal. To help them and to eradicate their discrimination! With these thoughts I could bring in change within my family and friends circle now, I will want to carry this further! I believe that Women is a power that can build the society and destroy it with her wish and thoughts! Being one such women I want to bring in the change in this society, support transgender community and help them live a respectful life! To win doesn’t just mean to get the crown to me. Along with that to complete the responsibilities associated with that makes me south India queen 2017! And the pride to be born as a girl which should inspire. Not just beauty but service moto which we showcase should inspire many parents to support their daughters as well to achieve in this field! Feeling blessed to have successful completed my step one!