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Badrinath Ki Dulhania – Review (*** 1/2)

Badrinath ki Dulhania

One thing is for sure-the prime reason why most cine goers watch movie in India is-Entertainment. And it’s a pretty valid reason. After all, it’s the cheapest form of entertainment for a vast majority. But it’s definitely no harm if some social message is also served along with entertainment. But it’s easily said than done. A few directors are masters in this. Like Rajkumar Hirani, whose films are massive entertainers along with strong social messages. Now Shashank Khaitan ain’t Hirani, but he has tried honestly to interweave strong relevant messages along the storyline. So while the convent educated-multiplex going –urban milieu may not completely relate to the issues raised, it will definitely resonate with the vast majority. After all, who talks about dowry in metros? Or how surprising is it to find career driven women in metros? Or how many urban youths would get married simply because their parents chose so? And that’s why the movie is cleverly set in Jhansi and Kota, where the youth has started to dream big amidst existing social challenges.


Badrinath (varun dhawan) is the younger son of a rich, feudal mindset, still-in-medieval-era, and father (Rituraj Singh) who believes that daughters in law should not step out of the homes for making a career. Even if they are highly educated and qualified. At a marriage function in Kota,Badri falls head-over-heels in love with Vaidehi (Alia Bhat). He is completely smitten by her extremely attractive looks, her nonchalance, and her devil-may-care-attitude. And his dad also agrees when the alliance is brought to his notice through Badri’s friends Somnath (Sahil Vaid) who runs a matrimonial agency, “chutki-mein-shaadi.com”. And even Vaidehi ‘s father is all too happy to get his daughters married off before he gets retired in 2 years. So what’s the fuss? That’s what Badri thinks. He forgets to factor in the fact that it is important to get the girl’s consent also. So he goes to seek her consent at the advice of his brother. And what comes across boom dazzles him . Anyways, he succeeds in getting her consent but there is another shocker on the wedding day. And this changes his life for sure. So how does Badri manage to get his Dulhania,and the enormous rigor moil he goes through in the process, is what makes the movie.


Shashank Khaitan is bang on the money. He is able to capture the milieu of Jhansi and Kota. He raises up multiple issues, without ever sounding preachy. He talks big on women empowerment , particularly for those in non-metros. The evils of dowry system, yes, it’s still very much prevalent in a large section of our society, the patriarchal society and its fallacies—all are effectively captured. Quite a few scenes leave long lasting impact-Like the verbal volley of words between Badri and Vaidehi in the bus, or  the fight-and-then-the-pamper between Badri and Somnath in Singapore, or the coming of age scene between Badri and Vaidehi where Badri for the first time develops respect for her. Dialogues are crisp, effective and funny. Sample these– “Love is important, but having respect for each other is equally important”, “I don’t want you to be my dulhaniya, rather I want to be your Dulha” are extremely impressive.


Varun certainly is one of the most hard working actors from the younger lot. And his efforts are visible. His effervescence, his charm, his rustic nonchalance, his honesty in love — you will fall in love with his character. His comic timing is spot on. He makes you laugh, he makes you cry, and he makes you want for more… Alia is terrific. Her no nonsense approach, her single minded focus towards her career, is effectively portrayed. Her radiance, her glowing charm, is a massive add-on. Sahil vaid is the surprise package. He is so so adorable. As the hero’s best pal, he is simply terrific with his great sense of comedy. Other supporting actors are also reasonably fine.


“Aashiq surrender hua” and “tamma tamma” are already right on the music charts. The music is reasonably good.

Overall, quite an effective movie dealing with multiple issues in a light-hearted comic way. A good , clean, family entertainer. Go, have fun with BADRINATH KI DULHANIYA.