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Commando 2 Review

   Commando-2 (** ½)

The captain of Commando-2, Deven Bhojani is a talented, popular, actor and director. Vidyut Jammwal, now with an additional “m” in his name, showed his prowess in his debut film “Force” with John Abraham. Commando -2 rakes up quite a few raging, relevant issues to begin with. Demonetization (ya, you read it right),Black money hoarding within the country and that stashed abroad, political will power to handle the menace, corrupt system, et al. Nothing  wrong here. Add up some seriously stunning combat shots, gravity defying acrobatics and very innovative fight sequences, and a fairly decent movie could have been on the offer. Alas, what  you are served is not even half baked… Terrible execution, poorly etched characters, equally poorly played by all the artistes, unintentionally hilarious dialogues… And you have a mashup of all-going – everywhere-but the movie-going nowhere.


Commando KARAN (Vidyut Jammwal) is a daredevil, super fit, super agile, ever ready to leap, kick and thrash the evil guys. In a sustained operation spread over 2 years, a major kingpin of hawala racket (illegal money laundering for the uninitiated), Vicky Chaddha (Thakur Anoop Singh) is arrested in Malaysia. A crack team of officers with dubious background-ACP Bakhtawar (Freddy Daruwala), encounter specialist cop Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), Karan and a computer geek is formed to bring Viky back to India. However, there are enough friends and wellwishers of Vicky in the power corridors who are ready to bend any rules to safeguard him. Also, there is this gorgeous wife of Vicky, Maria (Esha Gupta) who is ready to go  to any lengths  to safeguard her husband from the clutches of law. How is this team able to execute their mission amidst multiple twists and turns, deceit, love, lust, and some melodrama forms the gist of the story.


Deven Bhojani miserably fails to make his cast act. The characters are poorly written. Hyderabadi speaking Adah sharma as a cop is way too unrealistic. Quite a few scenes and situations lack any sense. Incoherency is palpable throughout. It defies logic why the lead villain would  keep informing the opposite party about all future plans, and top it up with not killing at multiple opportunities. The whole suspense and the built up are way too childish. The costume changes of Adah midway through continuous  scenes are baffling. Apart from the opening shot, and the fight sequences, there is hardly any scene worth remembering.


Vidyut is terrific in all the fight scenes. No doubt. He is extremely watchable. His beefed up  body and superhuman agility are a feast to the eyes. Same can’t be however said about his acting skills . Adah Sharma is gorgeous. That’s It.  Acting wise, eh, is that also required? Freddy is passable. Esha Gupta, again an eye feast. Beautiful, tall and sassy. And then a big full stop….. Acting, errrr… Next time may be.


Absence of  song and dance midway in the film is a big relief.

All in all, Action seekers may still bear the pain of sitting through the entire movie. Others, please give it  a pass.