Bangalore recently  witnessed an exhibition on photography. What so different about it was, It was from students who studied from Mr. Venkat Raman on photography. There were 60+ pics from 15+ students and the printing was all done with a mirror less HD printing out with Matte papers.
There was also an competition between those students, as people who comes to visit the exhibition gave their voting for the best pic, and at the end we saw a price distribution.
In an intention to give pics a life the author of the pics is writing a emotional story behind the pic where people were able to read it under the pic.
The pictures were sold online for a nominal price of 799 INR for A4 pic and 999 INR for A3 sized pics.
Date: OCT / 6 – 8 / 2017 / Friday – Sunday.
Location: Ground floor, Chaya Hall, Rangoli Metro Art Center.

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