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Meet Bia Sandhu Taneja is a certified Image  Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer from Conselle University, USA. She is one of the pioneer Premium International Beauty Pageant Coach in India in a swift period of two years after having opened her own Consulting firm called Parfait Image Consulting . She has trained the finalists of various beauty pageants in Image Management, Personality  Development, Body Language, Social and Dining Etiquette. She is  a Corporate Trainer and Etiquette Expert and  also a guest faculty at one of the top fashion institutes in India J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology. She has worked with the senior Corporate men and women as her clients who come to her for image makeovers and Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping as well.

1. How did you get the interest in fashion and pageant world?

It was by stroke of luck. I have always been a sucker for fashion and the pageant world came about thanks to a friend of mine. I had just finished my International certification from ICBI affiliated to Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. He was instrumental in me joining this field. People loved my work and one pageant led to another.

2. How do you balance your professional and personal life being a successful women?

Women are great at multitasking. Many friends ask me how. I manage two jobs, two kids and a husband within in 24 hours.  I think its easy because I am passionate about what I do so its dead easy and my kids and my husband  I cant do without. I am blessed to be in two professions which involve a lot of travel and meeting people from all  walks of life which I absolutely love.

3. You have been travelling all across the globe as a fashion groomer how was your experience working with different type of people around?

It has been a complete honour and pleasure to be associated with so many Beauty Pageants in the last couple of years. I have met some beautiful women, and to help them chase their dreams and be a part of this amazing journey with them while grooming them on Image Management, Personality Development, Body Language, Stage Presence and Etiquette has been a wonderful experience.

4. Where do you see yourself if you were not in glamour world?

If I was not in the Glamour world, I would have been a Criminal Psychologist as I graduated in Psychology and it was always my favorite subject.

5. Was there any struggle period throughout your journey?

Initially it was quite a struggle as I had to make a mark for myself, get visibility and be recognized for the work I do. But the more work I did, the more I got appreciated and that helped me carve a niche space for myself in the beauty pageant industry.

6. What do think about today’s fashion?

Today fashion does not necessarily mean glamour or the urge to follow current trends. It is more a way of life, a reflection of beauty. Women are taking to fashion in a big way, and are experimenting with different looks, fabrics, styles and textures.

7.  What do you suggest the youth of India about personal grooming?

Personal Grooming does not mean wearing lots of make up and expensive clothes. Good personal grooming means looking at you should be a pleasant experience. You need to feel good about the way you look.

8. What is your statement about the fashion sense of the B-town celebrities?

New age actors have a quirky sense of dressing setting new standards of fashion for men and women. Love the style Sonam Kapoor and Kareena  Kapoor have, with men Ranveer Singh sense of dressing is fun always.

9. According to your experience, what message would you like to give to the young Indian women entrepreneurs?

Envisage a dream, follow it, work hard to fulfill it. There is only one life so live it to the fullest.