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Gayathri Sandeep

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Thanks a lot Mrs. Gayathri for giving us the privilege to know you. To start with, please tell something more about you to the people for those who doesn’t know you much.

I am Gayathri Sandeep from Delhi, but settled down now in Bangalore. I am basically an Tamil Iyer. My basic education was in Delhi and later I graduated from St. Joseph’s Bangalore in Industrial Relations. Later I did my post graduation  in Personnel Management from Bangalore University (MSW).

You have worked as sales & marketing and also HR. Please tell us about your corporate world.

I joined corporate world as soon as I completed my post graduation. My career started with the TAJ Group of hotels. I joined in Banquet sales with TAJ GATEWAY Bangalore. In my career span of 15 years I have worked with companies like  Makino Heartland and Trigent mostly in HR department. My experience with corporate world has been very good, I got to learnt a lot and emerged much more a successful person.

What are some of the moments in your life that you always cherish for?

There have many many moments that I cherish in my life, but I think for me the most cherished moment was when I became mother. My whole world has changed since then.

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Tell us about your family. Who all are there in your family and how have they supported you in your reach of life.

I am married to a Paediatrician for last 17 years. His name is Dr. Sandeep. I am also a doting mother to my 14 year old teenager boy studying at Bishop cottons, Bangalore. I lost my dad few years ago. My mom stays here in Bangalore. My parents have always encouraged me to pursue my studies and career. After marriage, my husband has been equally supportive in my career. Today the credit for all my achievements goes 100 percent to him. He has always encouraged me to go out and live my dreams.

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We saw that you regularly visit orphanages. Please tell us your love for it.

I always have a special love and bonding with children. From my childhood I used to care of my younger siblings, be it playing with them, feeding them or making them sleep. I  used to enjoy doing all this. I think I have special bonding towards children. So now on my birthday or special occasion or whenever possible, I try to visit children  orphanages to share my happiness with them. Recently, on Women’s Day I visited KIDWAI Cancer Institute for Children and spent my whole day with them. That gave me a lot of  satisfaction when I saw their happy faces it as priceless. I am planning now to do this more often.

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We have heard about your hidden talents like singing and dancing. What are your hidden talents which people around you don’t know?

I just love music. I think music soothes our souls  and brings the whole world together. Music doesn’t have any language. I am trained Carnatic singer (Tamil). In my family most of  my aunts are good singers. My inspiration has been my mom. She sings very well. She taught us Carnatic music from a very young age. I also remember singing at All India radio  station at the age of 16 years.  I love dancing too. I learnt Bharatanatyam when I was young. Today I love to do Bollywood and Zumba.

Well said! What has been your greatest strength in reaching here?

My greatest strength is no doubt the almighty I believe in Sai. He gives me lot of positive energy. And yes of course my family – my mom, husband and son. Also not to forget my few very close friends who always stood by me in my life journey.


How hard has been to you in the world of fashion post marriage?

I was always inclined towards fashion from my younger days. I think I was the most fashionable amongst my cousins and friends. Being brought up in a cosmopolitan city like Delhi, I always had in me a sense of dressing and even post marriage I have been  fashionable. My husband has never restricted me on that front. I always believe in feeling good and looking good.

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What message do you want to convey to the society?

Education is the  powerful weapon which we can use to change the world / educate girl child.

Tell us about your teenage life. Did you do modelling in those days?

Coming from a conservative South Indian family, Modelling was not easy for me. But whenever I could, I used to take part in fashion shows at college and at work. After a lot of persuasion, my parents allowed me do one photo shoot. But I never made modelling as my career.

You have represented India at international level pageants also. How does it feel to represent your country at an international platform?

It was a very proud moment for me to represent our country. Today everyone knows that India has been associated with Miss World and Miss Universe. We have such great beauty and talent in our country that needs to be encouraged at an International level.

What plans do you have in your mind for upcoming days?

Right now I am soaking in my success, but yes I have a lot of plans running in my mind. I have started getting invitation to  judge various beauty pageants. I just returned from Ooty after judging Miss Princess Ooty, that was a  memorable experience. I was also a judge at South India beauty queen 2017 held in Bangalore recently. In near future I might start grooming classes for pageant aspirants. I also want to continue my social work for the cancer affected children and try raise funds for them.

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You look so pretty. Please give us some beauty tips.

Thank u so much! I think we all are beautiful in our own way. But yes being in a Glamour Industry, we need to look good all the time. I think my pretty looks comes from my mom and grand-mom. Both are a beautiful women. My beauty tips first would be that one need to be happy inside to look beautiful outside, that’s called  the true beauty. Also one needs to take good care of skin and body. So people eat right (no junk), exercise and be happy (avoid excess use  of cosmetics).

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Favourite Destination – Europe, Goa

Favourite Timepass – catching up with friends, Music, Movies

Favourite Food – Indian, Mexican, Italian

Favourite shopping spot – Europe

Favourite household chore – keeping the house spick and span