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Jayanarayan who started his career as a model did his first movie in Malayalam with Superstar Suresh Gopi in Bullet. Then a call from Telugu industry came in as as second movie to him for the movie Chandrudu where he played the role of the son of Jayasudha, the famous actor. He also worked with Srikanth Entertainment for a television series Chakravakam which was a super hit and went on for 600 episodes. His character of Iqbal was well received by the viewers of Kerala. Some of his renowned works are Baiju Devaraj serial “Moonnumani”, “Oru second class yathra”, “Love 24×7”, “Hello Namasthe”. He is currently shooting for Hindi movie “Karma cafe“ which is expected to release early next year.

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor? Why do you feel this is the ideal profession for you?

As a  teenager, I used to watch a lot of movies, beyond language barriers. May be that gradually made me passionate about acting. I took it as a profession because I just love it. I am going the way where my heart says.

Tell us about your education.

I have done Business Management post graduation.

Describe your acting style.

I think it’s not explainable. It comes as per the requirement of a particular character, and we try different things to look that unique. Sometimes it work on your favour.

What kind of roles do you prefer?

Any role the creators choose. As an actor, I am confident to do any roles but the people who create the characters are the best judge to choose the better and proper actor for that character.

What was the biggest audience you have performed in front of?

I am not into stage performances and I believe I am a Director’s actor. In the shooting time we perform in big crowds and that has never bothered me how big the crowd is.

Take me through some of your biggest achievements to date. Why were these memorable to you, and how did you achieve them?

The biggest achievement of an actor is how the audience rate your characters. If you play a negative role and people start to hate you, that is the accomplishment of an actor. Once they start to call you in that name, we feel so proud. It’s the moment every actor love to be in.

Tell us about your proudest moment.

In my starting days as an actor, during the shoot of the movie, the director pointed out that I was better as the hero of the movie but they did a miscast. It was a proud moment to be honest.

Motivation is important within the acting profession. What would you say is your motivator currently? How do you remain positive and focused within your role?

To be in this profession you need the highest patience.. Ups and downs do come. Being self motivated will only survive. I used to be ready for any call at any time as an actor, keeping myself mentally and physically fit. keeping the faith that I am the best.

How do you like to be managed? What sort of management style gets the best out of you professionally?

I am personally a very calm person. As of now, I have not created any problems for any of my crews. So I do get a better treatment and the working environment gets better.

What is the most extreme change to your personality, that you have done to prepare for a role?

Inquilab is a life story of a naxal. I played that character from his 30 to 70 years transition, deglam to get aged. I used to run 6 kms to reduce my muscle size to prepare for that character. It’s an offbeat movie. It was a great experience.

What character was the toughest for you to change into?

I think I believe in realistic acting, for a television series Moonnumani, I played the negative role and I was doing the so called overacting module and felt little difficult.

Who is your favourite actor?

Couldn’t name one. So many greats grown up watching them, won’t be fair to name one.

Teamwork and the ability to work with large numbers of people is important in this role. How do you cope working within a large team?

Once you put makeup and Costume of a character, it won’t bother whether you are in between hundreds or thousands. I believe it comes naturally to actors crowd gives us the firepower.

Why do you think teamwork is important?

It’s a team game, how much a good Actor you are in a bad script you look funny. Each and every crew member plays role in the success of a movie.

To be an established actor you need to be able to measure your success and build on this. How do you evaluate success within your role?

Success and failure comes as day and night. Do the job up to your potential and celebrate the success and never lose the confidence in failures.

Thinking back over your career to date, what has been your greatest accomplishment as?

My character Iqbal in Chakravakam which made the people of Kerala recognise me as an actor.