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Maitry Raijada

We have with us today Miss Bharath, Maitry Raijada. We give her a round of applause for making it to this height with no support. Thanks for being with us today.

You Look Ambitious! Can you tell us the inspiration story behind your this ambition?

Basically I was born in Gondal Saurashtra (Gujarat). I finished my studies there. I took up degree of MCA. As I am from a Kshatriya family, my family was very conservative. They were not allowing me even for the studies, but I took my MCA degree. I faced many problems to get this degree. I remember doing a job of a lecturer to pay my fees.
After getting my degree, I moved on to Ahmedabad, Started doing job as a software engineer. I worked for two years and this is when I started feeling that I should opt to fulfill my Dreams. From the childhood, I used to watch Beauty pageants, which attracted me and I had made up my mind to became someone like sushmita sen and Aishwarya Rai.

What made you choose fashion as your carrier when you had a good 10 to 6 job?

Yes! you are right. But when I was doing my job as a Software Engineer, I did not get that inner Satisfaction. Everytime I used to get a feeling that “I am not for this”, I always loved taking up new Challenges in life and I think this a perfect place where you face new greatest Challenges everyday.

What was your stepping stone as a model?

It was when I was looking around to get the way out of my job and do something I loved, I came across a girl who helped me to get into the fashion show. That was my first ever show and without any practice it went on very well which boosted my confidence level.

Tell us about your journey as a model so far?

I Started with doing theaters. I did many Gujarati and Hindi Plays. That helped me to grow as an actor. I did Some serials, ads and also some good movies. I participated in Miss Bharat In 2016 and won the crown. That was the biggest achievement for me. This brought in celebrity culture in me.

What are the situations you had to go through during your journey to Miss Bharath?

Before I was very much introvert and I lacked confidence. I used to look very ugly just like Jassi In “Jassi Jaisi koi Nahi” Serial. Then I had to go through a intensive makeover about my looks, dressing to speech, etc. It was very hard for me to fight with my parents for studies and then job in Ahmadabad to travelling to Mumbai.

How supportive has your family been with your choice?

No, I come from a Kshatriya Family who are very conservative. They even don’t allow you to go out or even to study. They never  liked me being in the fashion.

How difficult was it for you to adjust in different cities with different people?

No, when it comes to that I must admit I m really very Lucky that I started getting support but I Also realized that you need to have godfather or a mentor to guide u properly in this industry.

We have heard you have been a brand ambassador of various corporates brand and also some Government initiatives. Please list out few for our readers.

– World Health and Peace
– Thakershy Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad
– Medlife Hospital and Foundation (USA )
– Charisma Salon, Mumbai
– Vajubhai Jewellers, Ahmedabad
– Be With Beti, Mumbai
– Priya Saree, Surat

Please tell us about how you felt when you were selected for Miss Bharat?

It was a very amazing feeling that I had ever got in my entire life. I still couldn’t believe that I have got this crown on my head.

How was your entire journey and experience of the show Miss Bharat?

It was a fantastic journey and experience. Out of the 245 plus girls, I was selected in the first round and then I got to meet with girls who had come from different regions. So I would say, it was more of a fun then a competition.

How would you define success from your experience?

Success means making yourself more perfect and effective daily.

How do you now feel being a celebrity?

Its a great feeling. I have started feeling I am very special. I now get more focus out of people in crowd. Its an amazing feeling when people ask you for your autograph and wishes to take selfies with you.

What thoughts do you wish to share with today’s youth?

I would like to tell them first to put up a goal in your life and then be focused. Hard work to achieve your goal. Never go for the shortcuts.

What thoughts do you wish to share with today’s youth?

I would like to tell them first to put up a goal in your life and then be focused. Hard work to achieve your goal. Never go for the shortcuts.