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Manpreet Sekhon


We have with us today the pretty, charming, gorgeous MANPREET KAUR SEKHON, who has made us all proud by not just representing India globally at esteemed precious beauty pageant JEWEL OF THE WORLD, but also being the first runner up. Let us know about her experience and dig about her some personal life too.

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Congrats for the crown Manpreet. What was your feeling when you were announced the first runner up?
It was a very emotional moment for me to represent India and win a crown for my nation, as well as I was extremely happy and felt blessed to win such a big competition at an International level.

Please tell us the names of people who has been the pillars behind your this achievement .
Firstly, my mother who has encouraged me a lot to follow my dreams. Then my father and brother, because they have a positive attitude towards fashion industry. My dear friends Harpreet kaur, Gurlal, Laddi and last but not the least my National Director Mr. Akash Agarwal who trusted me and felt that I could do it. Love you all and keep supporting.

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I must admit,you look gorgeous. What is the secret behind your beauty?

My mother ofcourse. I have inherited my beautiful features from her and thanks to my Punjabi genes and all the shouting I got from my mother to take care of myself .

How does it feel to represent India at an international level? Did you ever feel you will do this?
Frankly speaking never in my dreams I had thought that I could represent my country. I felt very lucky that I got a chance to represent India. As I reached Philippines I was given our national flag and sashay with India written on it and that moment filled me with the feeling of patriotism as there after I was never called by my name “Manpreet” but called “India” and I felt very much responsible as I was individually representing India. I think this thought gave me the inner strength to make my country proud.

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Now that you have won this, what are your future plans and how do you wish to take this success ahead?

Actually, I don’t plan for the future. I believe in living in the present and take life as it comes but yes, there are some opportunities and offers may be they will materialise in future. Hoping for a more successful and bright future.

What would be your message to the young girls out there who wishes to be at your level some day?

My message to every girl is to believe in themselves and be confident about who you are and follow your dreams. The most important advise is that never try to imitate any other person, just be your self as God has made everyone unique in their own ways.

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How would you like to describe the whole journey of this pageant?

The whole journey has been an excellent experience for me which has changed my whole out look about beauty pageants. Usually in such beauty pageants, the girls have to push themselves to fulfill certain criterias of age, height, weight, etc but here I would like to tell you that one unique and special feature of this pageant is that, unlike other beauty pageant, there are no such criterias and the girls are judged for their confidence and what they are. I would specially like to tell the young girls that they need not be of certain height, weight and colour to be beautiful.

Tell us about your marriage plans. We heard that you are dating an NRI.

Well I think that’s a very personal question. Let the mystery man remain a mystery.

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We also heard that you are a shopaholic. What are the things you have in your wardrobe?

Yes, that’s very true I am a shopaholic. Whenever I go shopping, my mother literally has to pull me out of the shops to stop me. Well I have a collection of 400 pair of shoes, watches and endless pieces of ethnic Indian Jewellery.

What changes do you wish to do for the betterment of the country ?

I alone can’t change the whole country but we all together can bring the change. I think the most important change is to be tolerant towards others religion, culture, dress and lifestyle. For example, in this pageant, the girls belonged to different countries and their culture, dress and language was different from one another. We could’t even understand each others language but we all lived together like a big happy family without any feeling of hatredness. So if people belonging to different countries can live together, why can’t we people of one country live happily together with unity. I think we just have to be a little more tolerant .

You are from Punjab. How does being that help you?

Punjab being a border state has faced many invasions and war. This has lead to punjabis being a fighters race. So, being a Punjabi I am a bit more louder, enjoy life to its fullest and we live life king size. It runs in our blood that we never say quit and face every problem with courage. We hold your culture and traditions very near to our heart. I have seen many foreigners dance to the beats of Punjabi songs even though they can’t understand a word of it. We believe in live and let live.

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What do you have to say about today’s Indian fashion?

According to me, Indian fashion is inspired by 80’s and 90’s with the Anarkalis,  Plazo and Churidar kurta making a come back. At present, Indian fashion is a fusion of Western and Indian wear where sarees are worn by draping them with Plazos and Jeans also.

Any message to our readers before signing off?

My only message to the readers is that no religion preaches hatred or to make anybody unhappy, so grow more better and spread smiles and love. Thanks!