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Nimika Ratnagar


We have with us Ms. Nimika Ratnagar who is representing India at Miss Supertalent of the World 2017 to be held at Seoul, South Korea. She is from Mangalore and is currently working in Bangalore as an Engineer. This is a beauty pageant which stresses on modelling with a focus on talent and beauty. Being a singer and model, this was the best pageant that Nimka could ever represent India to showcase her singing talent. Singing has been her hobby since childhood. She have also been trying to explore singing opportunities in Bollywood, Sandalwood and Coastal-wood film industry. She have sung in a few Tulu and Kannada movies as well.

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Tell us about you.
I was born and brought up in Mangalore. I completed my Engineering in Electronics & Communication at Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering, Pre-Univerity at Canara PU College and schooling at  St.Agnes Girls”school. Though I am an Engineer by profession, Singing and Modelling have been my passion and I have always tried to explore opportunities in these fields. My Dad is an Interior designer, mom is a home maker and brother is an Architect.


How did you get into modelling? What inspired you into modelling?
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been one of my all time favourites. Back during my childhood days, when she won Miss World crown for India, I used to keep telling everyone that I wanna be like her. Sounds very strange and funny, but this was what I used to tell when asked what do I want to be when I grow up. I have been associated with Sizzling Guys Dance Studio owner and choreographer Mr. Shubha Kiran Mani and one of the Fashion ABCD Directors, Mrs. Anupama Charan Suvarna since a year who helped me get into the field of modelling. Their constant grooming sessions and all time support has given feathers to my wings of hope in the field of modelling.

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How do you feel to represent India at Miss Supertalent Of The world 2017?
It is a moment of immense joy for my family and myself to get an opportunity to represent India at Miss Supertalent of the World 2017. Along with that, a sense of anxiety as I will be carrying the pride of my country along with me and wanna give my best in the contest.


What are the preparations you are doing for this pageant.
Eating healthy, sleeping well, keeping myself fit with exercises, attending grooming sessions under various experts, getting my wardrobe designs in place, etc etc etc.


How are you going to represent the diversity of India in this pageant.
 India is a secular country. I will try to represent the diverse culture of India in every way possible. My national costume and fantasy costume is being designed by my Father Mr. Ratnakar N B and Atlas design studio, Mangalore which depicts the uniqueness in the cultural heritage of India. Being a coastal-wood and sandalwood singer, I am planning to sing a Tulu song along with few other languages under the guidance of V Manohar Sir.

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 How has your family and friends been supportive in taking part in this pageant.

My dad Mr. Ratnakar N B and mom Mrs. Hemalata Ratnakar are like manure to their most beloved crops i.e my brother and me. Without their love, care and never ending support, I would not be able to make myself what I am today. My brother Nitik Ratnakar was the one who initially pushed me to live my passion as a model. My family members have been my biggest critics who have helped me overcome my drawbacks and  strengthen my positives.


Tell us about your upcoming plans.
As of now all my concentration is on the pageant, after which I would be open to take up opportunities which seem good for my career.

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What message would you like to give to the girls who wish to be at the platform you are on.
Never give up. Keep your hopes high and try achieving them. Be your own competitor and try excelling from what you were.


Quickly tell us what are the things you will not miss to carry with you in baggage for the pageant.
I cant afford to miss anything in my baggage for the pageant as this would be my once in a life time opportunity to make my country proud and I don’t wanna take a chance by missing the smallest to biggest  item required for the pageant.

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