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Paayal Radhakrishna

Paayal Radhakrishna has been the most promising debut of 2017 after her role  in Kannda flick BENGALURU UNDERWORLD. She has always been her best from being Miss Mysore in 2015 to being the most wanted actress of today. Let us see what she has to say about her achievement.
Hi Paayal, Please tell us about your career from modelling to acting.  
I always wanted to be an actress. I just took the first step towards it by entering modelling. The first time I went on the ramp, I won the title MISS MYSORE 2015. Then I was under the designer Jayanthi Ballal as a in-house model for Needle works. I was one  among the top 3 from Mysore in the model hunt conducted by PRASAD BIDAPPA model management. I had a 2 year  contract with the company and then I got the offer for “Bengaluru Underworld “.
You have been a household name after your movie Bengaluru Underworld. How do you take this achievement as.    
Yes, I am glad that I had the opportunity to debut with such a great actor and a star director.  I don’t consider this as an achievement, but as a fresher I was happy with the reviews which said that I have performed well in-spite of being a fresher and that I look promising. So, this is just d first step, a lot of more bigger and better projects to be done, and a long way to go.
What are your upcoming plans.
Have offers and I have been taking script readings, but now its one step higher so waiting for a good script where I can show my performance.
You have been both a model and an actress. How would you like to differentiate the experience of the two.      
Modelling and acting are 2 different things. I think acting has  got a lot more stuff and is lot more challenging as it includes performance, hard work , entertainment, script, stories, feel, connectivity with the audience and emoting feel in them as well. There is always something  more than can be achieved in this field. 
Whom do you see as your role model and why?     
Deepika Padukone – I love the way she has carried herself. Her work, her dedication, the roles she has played, and the way she has portrayed herself in the industry. It inspires me a lot. She has also inspired me as a person.
There are girls who dreams to be at the position you are at now. How would you like to boost them?       
This is a industry which needs a lot of hard work, confidence, passion for work, patience and perseverance. So youngsters shouldn’t be carried away with the lime light and fame they get. They should aspire to  be an actor / actress only if they have true passion for work and understand their true potential. Hard work is the only way to  success.
Tell us about your family. How have they been supportive in your career.             
Its every parent’s wish that their child shouldn’t be distracted into glamour field and at least complete their studies. But I couldn’t resist from following my passion! It was a hard time to convince and make them understand, but they soon saw my potential and love for my work and let me follow my passion. Now they are completely supportive . Every project I take up or every step in the industry, I discuss it with them.   
What kind of movies or role do you wish to do? Whom do you wish to be your costar romancing with you on screen.          
I don’t want to be stereotyped. I wanna try out different roles and different characters. But I don’t wanna do much of skin show, I would love to do movies which has more scope for performance and story and some good entertainment. Kannada film industry has a lot of talented actors. I would be glad to work with any of them. I am not particular about any one big star. I am more particular about the script that can bring out the best in me.
There are lots of South Indian actors who are now moving towards Hindi movies. Do you have any plans to move into Bollywood.
If provided with a very good script I would definitely love to work for it. But sandalwood will be my first preference.
Last but not the least quick 5:
Your favourite food:  I love sea food, manglore style 
Your favourite destination: Switzerland
Your favourite song: cheap thrills, shape of u
Your favourite movie: Cocktail, DDLJ
Your favourite color: Red