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Rakhi Sawant

We have with us the ‘Queen of Controversies’ with us today, who has been into gossips for making a movie on Ram Rahim. None other than Rakhi Sawant. Here are the excerpts from the interview: 

Q: What made you come with the idea of making a film on Ram Rahim and Honeypreet?

Rakhi: I have known Gurmeet and Honeypreet since last three-and-a-half years. It was during ‘Messenger of God’ when I met Baba in Mumbai. He praised me for my work and assured me of giving a Rajya Sabha ticket.

Q: Did Baba take you to his Dera?

Rakhi: I once went to Dera’s ‘Gufa’. I was given a drink after which I started feeling unconscious. Baba had evil intentions on me. However, Honeypreet didn’t let him come close to me fearing I may marry him. I thank Honeypreet for not letting me come close to Baba. He once asked me to make sacrifices. I realised it now what he meant by ‘sacrifices’. He probably meant ‘casting couch’.

Q: Do you believe your film will taste success?

Rakhi: I will make several revelations in the movie that nobody knows. Neither media nor police. I will reveal what made Honeypreet a devout follower of Baba. I will also share why Baba arranged Honeypreet’s marriage despite the fact that they were involved together.

Q: Tell us more about Baba.

Rakhi: Baba and Honeypreet once called me at a hotel. Honeypreet used to invite girls to hotels in the name of giving a role in his films. They both stayed together in the same room. I found several herbs in the bathroom, which I believe was used by Baba for ‘sinful purpose’. I was horrified to know his real intentions and feared getting killed by him.

Q: You have been in the glamour industry. How did you think of joining politics?

Rakhi: I have always been a social activist and have worked for the deprived. People asked me to join politics and fight elections. Elections will happen in 2019 and I will give my support to the party that understands the economic problem of the country and help the needy.