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SANIHA YADAV – Miss Tourism Worldwide India

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Hi Saniha, thanks for taking out your important time for this interview and its our honour to have your interview for the second time in successive years. To start with, you are an actress, a dancer, a model, a designer and now an International crown over your head is seen. Hopefully I have not missed out anything. How do you manage this?

Time stands no still! My success is not measured in rupees but the length of my reach! My dreams once unravelled is my future to be! When I am really old and no strength left in my body, I should have a really good story of mine to narrate! I want to make the best use of my time! Infact 24 hrs a day is not sufficient for all that I want to do! (She laughs) 

You represented your country at an International level. How does it feel to be on such a huge platform competing with other countries?
When I was a child, someone casually asked me, what is that I want to be when I grow up, and I remember saying I wanted to be Miss India! When I grew up I thought it was a funny thing I uttered as a kid! But to my surprise it turned out to be a reality n I represented India as ‘Miss India’ This is truly a magic! A magic I am so so proud of!!(She laughs) 

Tell us about your experience at Singapore being part of Miss Tourism Worldwide.
It was one of the best experiences of my lifetime! I will always cherish it and relish it! Travelling all alone to another country, staying under the same roof with 22 contestants from all over the world, exploring every bit of it right from the places, food, clothing, religion, customs, I had a whale of a time! I got to learn so many things and that too representing India, was a brilliant experience all together.

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You won the title of Miss Congeniality. People have been telling you well deserved it. What would you like to tell about this?
Well yes, during our stay there was an instance where a contestant was physically injured and she needed someone to help her, be with her, and give some moral support. No one else came forward as it could have harmed them, if things got worse we could be behind bars! But that’s what we are taught at homes in India right? Being compassionate for another being! We proud Indians are warm, friendly, welcoming, aren’t we? (She smiles)
Who are the pillars you would like to give credits behind your success?
For this pageant, I would like to thank my friends who insisted me to take part, Nancy gupta my National Director (Glamorstreet) for giving me an opportunity, my dad, mom, sister, and Jai for always being my backbone, Tej and Manj for the immense support and all the Facebook, Instagram, and whatsapp folks, your likes and comments have always been an energy booster!! (Flying Kisses)
Has there been change in your life, your perceptions or people perceptions towards you after this competition?
Its been just a few days after returning from Singapore and I can already see so many differences, in the way I see the world and the world sees me! I have become more liberated, broad minded and independent. I have the zeal to explore and experiment more with my life including my career. I want to do bold characters in my upcoming movies and I already have few in my hand!

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How do you want to take this achievement ahead in life?
We are all so held up in our own tiny space, with just our junk, we don’t think beyond it! I think all of us should get out of our comfort zone, go out and explore the world! There is so much to see, so much to learn. Anything learnt can never go waste! All that I learnt will be applied in my daily life, in everything I do!
When it comes to beauty contest, people always think that its actually biased to few participants on different factors. How will you counter this?
Firstly I always consider participation is the most important thing and I believe in competing with myself. I want to get better each day, every time. But yes we all know sometimes these contests are rigged and you can’t do anything about it. Fair competitions are always best for the sport!

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Congrats for your achievements in movies and video songs. What are your upcoming projects? Are you looking for Hindi movies too?
Firstly thank you so much! This is just the beginning and picture abhi shuru hua hai mere dost! I had always been keen on doing some bold characters on screen n finally I have one in hand. This is an English gothic short movie for International Film Festival which will be released in abroad and only after 2019 in India. I will be shooting for a telugu web series which will be on Netflix and a kannada movie shoot will start from next month. Many projects lined up. And hindi movie, who wouldn’t want to! I just hope and wish i get one! (She Blinks)

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What message would you like to give to the people who would be your successors for this pageant in upcoming years.
All that I want to say to people is that, what ever you do, do it with all your heart, just be yourself, give your 100% and leave it to the almighty. Your hard work, dedication and determination will never go unnoticed or unpaid! As you sow, so you reap. What goes, comes back to u. That’s the law of karma!
What message do you want to give to the people who supported you during this journey?
I definitely want to thank my friends in the first place, without whom I wouldn’t be so thankful today! And a huge thanks, hugs and kisses to all my lovely people in India as well as in Singapore and Indonesia who supported me in so many different ways. You are my biggest strength indeed! In love with people! (She hugs)️
Lastly, 5 things you learnt or brought to India from Singapore and Indonesia?
I definitely learnt a lot of things in those 9 days. At the first place, I learnt to be independent! Travelling to an unknown place, staying there without any hassles with strangers is no joke. Things in our country and outside is not the same. We usually curse the rules and rule makers in India, but when you go to another country you will learn that our mother land is so much more secure, lenient, understanding and protective. Not that theirs is bad! Just that they work differently and that difference is what we should get adapted to and have a friendly relationship. I got a lot of friends from there, got a lot of memories from there, which will last for a lifetime! (She signs off with a wink)

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