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Saniha Yadav


She is a dancer. She is a model. She is an actress. She is a business women. She is Saniha Yadav. We have the pretty all rounder who has 3 movies in row and has come a long way. Lets speak to reveal some of her secrets today from her mouth.

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Hi Saniha, Thanks for making time for us from your busy schedule. To start with please tell us about your origin. Where were you born and about your family.

I was born in Namma Bengaluru. My family comprises of my Dad, mom, little sister and myself.

You are a dancer, an actor and what not. How do you manage all this together?

I should admit that I am a workaholic! And more over all that, I do is something that I love. It’s my passion! So I enjoy doing all this with same zeal n enthusiasm. It’s always fun at work and never draining out! You’ll find all the time in the world for something you love! Don’t u! (Laughs)

Please tell us about your journey. Did you ever plan to get into all these during your school and college days?

Its absolute serendipity! I was an introvert in school and even during the college initially. It was dance which changed my perspective and personality on the whole. Then came drama, an extended form of dance. Journey since then has been a roller coaster! If I look back, I sometimes wonder was that really me there! How ones life changes!

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You recently started a business of yours please tell about it.

Yes! It’s an extended love for the art and it’s called as Saniha’s wardrobe. It’s an unisex, one stop rental shop for all your fashion needs. We provide costumes for dance, drama, fashion shows, party wear, wedding wear, accessories and props for hire. We also undertake customised orders. You name it, we will give it!

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You have been a phenomenon salsa instructor. Please tells us about what other dance forms you know. How did you learn this dance forms?

All the credit goes to my dance team ‘shadowz one’, my instructor Manj. I have learnt most of it from him. Other than Salsa, I know Bollywood, Freestyle, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bachata. And a little bit of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Belly dance and Ballet. Basically we learn new sequences as a regular routine. So we try a lot of new things including some stunts. That’s what keeps me flexible and fit!

We heard that you are also a part of Rangashankara. Please tell our readers about the plays you have done.

Movies and Plays are totally different! I strongly feel every actor before doing movies should be part of good plays. It not only improves your acting skills, but also teaches you sensitivity, sensibility, responsibility and thus fine tunes you to be a better personality on the whole. I have done a couple of plays like Romeo Juliet, Revolution 2020, Male Mane, etc. And the experience you get in doing plays is unbeatable! And rangashankara has provided me a stage for my betterment! Unfortunately time doesn’t allow me, but given a chance I definitely love to be there doing more n more plays!


Tell us about your love life. What kind of boy would you like to spend your life with.

(Laughs) Love should always be in the air! Healthy flirting is actually good for health I believe! Its said to be a feel-good factor! I love people who love me. I love people who don’t love me too! But I would definitely like to spend time with a like minded person. Some one who is jovial, positive, sensible and a dreamer like me, because after all Life is all about uncontrolled laughter, strange adventures n following your dreams!

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What are your upcoming movies? Tell us about the roles you are playing in it.

So far I have done 3 Kannada feature movies namely Tora Tora, Colourful, Women’s day. All three are totally different from each other. Tora Tora is a science Fiction based on time travel, Colourful is a message oriented movie for today’s youngsters, and Women’s Day is a thriller. All movies are complete and ready for release. Promotions are going on, audio release is happening simultaneously. Just hoping for the best with cross fingers! (Smiles)

What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in upcoming days?

Honestly speaking I am always in competition with myself! I wanna be better than yesterday. I wanna be the best! And this contest within me will never stop until my nerves breakdown! I always strive to be successful in what ever I do. Success for me means satisfaction. Satisfaction of achieving what I desire gives me a high! That is what I look out for. In my coming days I wanna see myself very successful!

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What do you want to suggest to upcoming models in the town today who wants to be like you?

I suggest be a role model than just a model! And don’t be me, be yourself! Do what u like, like what u do!

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Who are the pillars of your strong building in the industry today?

I don’t have any god father as such in the industry! I should thank social networking sites because all the contacts I built was through this itself. My 2 best friends, Manj who would always be with me as a support system, Tej who helped me in suggesting all that I came across and have a great influence of what I am today! Smitha, my sister for being a helping hand and parents for bearing with me even though they dint like it! These are only my pillars!

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What are your likes and dislikes?

Oh this is going to be a lengthy answer! (Laughs)
OK to name a few. Firstly likes – I have a fetish for clothes and jewellery! Some one bribes me with it, I wouldn’t say no! I love fruits and ice-cream, any time, any where! Oh my mouth is already watering! I love movies. Every day I make it a point to watch at least one movie when I am at home.
And dislikes – I can’t tolerate irresponsible, insensitive, immature people! They are the biggest turn off and a huge hindrance to the society.

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Last but not the least, what message would you like to give to your fan following.

Every field has its own competition and drawback. In this stampede don’t forget that you just have one life! Eat, enjoy, celebrate, live to the fullest, fulfil your passion! Think good, Be good. Only then you can be happy and give your best shot! And then success follows you!

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