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Shaalin Zoya

Shaalin Zoya aka Shalu is a Mollywood actress, dancer and anchor. She is best known for playing the role of Deepa Rani in Asianet TV’s soap opera Autograph. Zoya hails from Kozhikode, Kerala. She has done 25 movies and 8 TV shows.

When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

I started acting when I was 3. I was acting and surrounded with movies even before reaching a stage to make decisions. I don’t know the exact moment. It was my mom’s passion that I ended up here. And I thank my parents for supporting me. Right now, being an actor is my life that’s all I know 🙂

You started your career as an actor at a very young age. How was your journey so far? Tell us about the awards you have won till now?

It was the best experience. I was glad to have been getting opportunities to work with some real gems in this industry. And also got so many awards. I don’t count them. It all started with best child artist. And I’m thankful to all of them 🙂


What brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction?

Watching my work on big screen, in terms of, both as an Actor and Director.

What was the first show/ film you ever did?

The very first movie I did was a Malayalam movie named ‘Quotation’.


What has been your favourite role so far?

‘Alona’ in Kudumbayogam, a short television series and Animol in the Malayalam movie Vishudhan. And also Deeparani in Autograph.


Which role would you love to play that you haven’t yet got the opportunity to do?

A Romantic lover girl. All I did was a girl who have emotional ups and downs with versatile characters. Looking forward to portray a simple romantic girl. Hoping for it someday! 🙂

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently doing an offbeat movie.


Besides acting, what other training have you had?

I’m basically a dancer, a trained dancer. That’s how I got my first opportunity into movies. And also I love making movies. Movie direction is my passion too. I have done couple of short movies.

Have you ever forgotten your lines, or a prop, or choreography during a performance? What happened?

It does happens. If I say no, I would definitely be lying. But I manage not to. It happens rarely. Retake is there when it comes to acting. So when dancing, I should manage it by myself. Guess I’m a master at it!


If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?

Hard question it is. But I would say, I want to work with Ranbir, Shahrukh Khan and Mohanlal. I have played a major role in  Mohanlal movie. But sadly I didn’t had any combination with him. So :- )


What kind of working environment you prefer?

I want to work with passionate people. Who are totally into movies and master at it. It is a different vibe.

 What’s the worst and best part about being an actor?

Best part is to live many life in one lifetime! Nothing worst. I love each and every bit of being an actor!


Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their dream? Do you have any advice for them?

There will be many reasons. One of the reason being when they don’t get much movies or the roles they wanted to play. People comes and makes fun of you. Remember they have nothing to do with you. These all are part of challenge you have to face. Deal with it wisely. 🙂


What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Travel all on your own to somewhere you have never been before. You will understand yourself better.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Nikon camera which my dad had gifted it to me on my birthday!


What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

That I do write. Novels, short stories, poems etc are all part of my life.

 Which is your favourite Holiday Destination?

I love to go to the beaches. Waterfalls, Lakes, Anywhere. I’m a Piscean 🙂


If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

I will go to Justin Bieber and ask him, “Will you marry me” 😉

Any message to your Millions and Millions of fans?

Thank you so much. You are the reason I’m still happy. I love you all. I really mean it. Big hug. 🙂