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Tanya Singh

“I ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I WANT” – this is what our guest today have to tell us in her interview today. She is hot, she is blunt, she is sexy, she is none other than your own TANYA SINGH. Lets travel through her life an career.

Hi Tanya, to start with please tell us about your modelling experiences.
I had done several serials like Emotional Attayachar and Gumrah on V channel. Also, I got a sub title Miss Beautiful Eyes (Miss Delhi 2014) and was finalist of South India Queen. Now, I am doing my first Kannada films titled “Raag” with DV productions.

Tell us about your childhood and teenager life. Did you ever think of reaching this level?
I was born in Muzaffarpur, which is a very small town.  I did my schooling from Bangalore and my masters degree from MSRIM, Bangalore. I love dancing. I also did 7 year diploma in kathak. The fashion industry was something I was always attracted to. I can still recall, when as a nine-year-old watching a television ad featuring a model walking on the ramp and I told my mother, ‘I am going to be there one day.’

How has your family and friends supported you in this career?
Absolutely. My parents never discouraged me of what I wanted to pursue; my family was always supportive.

What are the difficulties you faced in being successful in fashion industry?
Being a model won’t be an easy task, also means having one of the biggest challenges you’ll face every day. You have an entire team working on you, giving you a different avatar every day. From different attires to different hair colour to different hair-style, which helps you feel confident, and makes you believe in yourself. And I’m lucky it was like a roller coaster with its own high and lows.

How do you want your life partner to be? What are your plans for getting married?
(Laughing) No plans . No any plan for this.

What are your upcoming plans? Where do you see yourself in coming years?
I still want to explore more of modelling. I definitely have an edge to work harder. I have done lots of print shoot before, but now I want to do lots of fashion shows. Because once I go in the acting side, I think I won’t be able to get back to modelling. I always want to take it both together, hand in hand. I am just 22, I have time to get into full-fledged acting. For now, I will stick to modelling. I’m definitely looking for more better opportunities.

What is FASHION as per you?
Fashion to me is not only limited to clothes. It is a statement that you make, a personality that you create for yourself, the way you carry and present yourself. As far as clothes go, the trends today are short-lived. Wear anything that you feel fit for yourself. A pair of jeans paired with a casual top, worn and carried properly, can turn heads too.

What is your mantra to success?

  • Feel beautiful within, it reflects on the outside.
  • Focus on your target, do not let anything divert your attention from it.
  • Feel positive about yourself, it’ll give you confidence to achieve what you want. I am a focused person and always know what I want.

What do you think is special in you and makes you different from others?
My positive attitude, I like my optimism the most. It allows me to bring some light it to the grimmest of situations for around me. Even if for a little while it helps them smile and keep there Spirit high.

What message do you want to give to people reading this?
I would like to end this interview with a quote from one of the leaders I admire.
“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill your self with hopes.”  – Barack Obama