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Leather Quotient – Indulge black

“Ideate and re-discover the black beauty”

Marking  style with the leather quotient – a pinch of bronze is what I used to my lavish leather, that’s how I call it!
As you can tell, I’ve been a major Fashion freak and always loved to quote this “Fashion is my Passion”. Since I love hand crafted clothing, I made sure to design my latest collection on Glossy leather and here are some of my favorite basic picks from the lavish leather collection and how I would style them.
Complete collection is made of just the black gloss leather. It’s just not made to flaunt the curves but focus is also on the neckline. I skipped the extra accessories, stockings everything that was just the leather and well fitted which is perfect to cover the neck curation of outfits and accessories.

The style statement is to indulge in black simple silhouette, absolute play with necklines. Wear this trend for yourself, no tops, no trousers, a single simple dress for a night party or meeting friends, a themed event flounces with casual styles, pair it up with smoky eye makeup and low-heeled or a kitten heeled sandals.
To give it a more feminine touch, clinch it at the waist with a belt and throw back your hair in a high pony tail, or a low ear, touch two ponytails.

To highlight a bronze ensemble, I have used bronze only as an accessory per say. Since the  leather goes more with a cowboy theme I have embellished it with the bullets button concept. I have kept this collections stylish with mini mastic yet bold styling on neck line.
The feeling of satisfaction you’ll get will be worth every effort of recreating the new look on simple dress.