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No Shave November event was recently organised in the city by Rifat Attar ( Owner Golden Hat Entertainment) & Feroz M Khan (Celebrity Fashion Photographer & Desiger owner of Feroz Khan Clix & Bloom Fashion India -BFI) in association with Cancer Aid Society at IBAR, The Park Hotel, Bangalore on 29th November 2017.

The event was organised to raise fund and spread awareness for the needy cancer patients. To support the noble cause many prominent personalities, celebrities & Beauty Crowned Queens of Bangalore joined hands and were present at IBAR.

Some of the faces noted were  Danny Danz (Actor & Choreographer), Riyaz Pasha (International Fashion Designer), Roshni Tulsani ( Fashion Designer ) Anusha Murthy (Fashion Designer), Shubha Rajan Sriram {Mrs India Karnataka 2016 & Mrs India 2016 -Dazzling) , Gayathri Sandeep (Mrs India Ocean Globe Classic 2017), Shalini Chandrashaker (Mrs India Marvellous 2017), Tripti Rao ( Mrs India World 2017),  Dr. Gayathri Suresh (Managing Trustee Sparsha Foundation),  Vandhana Shree (Super Model), Amy Scott (Miss Trans Queen India 2017), Deena Pinto (Ms Profashional 1st Runner up & Ms Popular 2017), MC Abbas (MC IPL) took over the mike to add to the glamours support that evening.

Even known Dj’s of the city joined hands for the noble cause and took turns at the console, played their best tracks and made the guests dance, to make the evening special among them were DJ Dr A, Dj Sonee, Dj Vicky, and Dj Sai.

On Behalf of Glamourstreet.com were present Nancy Gupta, Neharika Prasad, Prachi Shrivastav supporting the noble cause & covering the event

Various other media partners to event were seen like Evening Times, GFM along with Glamourstreet.com

Mr. Prateek Katara from Cancer Aid Society honoured  Danny Danz , Shubha Rajan Sriram, Gayathri Sandeep, Rifat Attar & Feroz M Khan by felicitation of Certificates at the event thanking them for their support and being the face of the noble event, organising it & joining hands of many celebs to make this event a Great Success.