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Summer Hacks

Summer is my favourite season ever for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I love spending time at the beach and outside in general and is the best season for those beachside sexy pictures. While all of this extra sunshine and warmth makes my soul super happy, there are some things about those hot summer days that can be a real drag when it comes to beauty and makeup.

Whether it’s protecting your hair colour, rescuing your skin from a sunburn or keeping your legs smooth and summer outfits ready, summer can feel like a constant beauty challenge to keep up with the sun and fashion. So here are few summer hacks that’ll help you keep up with Summer fashionably 😉

  1. Beauty base – Move from foundation to tinted moisturisers; its doesn’t just give you that fresh sun kissed look but your skin will thank you too for not clogging it with all the foundation.
  2. Touch of Beauty blush – Move from powder blush to cream blush; cream blush moisturises your skin providing a youthful glowing skin, which easy to apply on even with your fingers and you don’t need to be a makeup expert to do so.
  3. Sparkling eyes – Go for waterproof mascara alone than a eyeliner, because of the heat and sweating eyeliners are best avoided and mascara brings out your beautiful eyes without having to worry about looking like a ruckus at the end of the day with all the smudging.
  4. Lovely lips – Love those glosses/lip stainers this summer; go for lip glosses/lip stainers that keep your lips moisten all through the day that you can always touch up than of the matte lipsticks, it low maintenance and don’t have to worry on retouching every time you sip on that yummy mock-tail.
  5. Brighten the day – Go for bright and light colour to shine right back at the sun with the beautiful pinks and corals; they are the perfect summer colours and look really stunning on all skin-tones.
  6. Lash those lids – If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun then bronze’s are best as a eye-shadow layer a coat of moisturiser and top it with the bronzer it give a glam look without irritating the lids in the scorching sun -light. 
  7. Heal those cracks – Rub your heels with Vaseline to keep it moistened and leave it soft and supple: it also helps recover from the chaps and blisters due to dry heat and all that walking on the beach. 
  8. Aloe to the rescue – Pour aloe gel into ice tray and freeze it, one’s back from the sun make sure to wash off and then rub the cubes it help treat the sunburns and also soothe the irritated skin.
  9. Conceal those kisses – Use concealer to keep the lipstick from running or blotching from the lip line; one you have applied the lipstick use a brush with concealer to keep the lipstick in place.
  10. Seal that – No matter what your hair colour is, salt water and the blazing sun can seriously dull the shade. Apple cider vinegar will brighten it back up! Just pour 1/2 cup into a spray bottle and spritz your hair. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, and rinse it out.