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Name:            Sushmitha Nair
Age:                 23
Hobbies:       Novels, Dancing, Serving old age people

About me:

I wanted to be an engineer at first, but later thought of being degree (B.Sc.). However I ended up doing full time modelling. I wanted to be the best person for the job. I didn’t want to be a stereotype of what an Indian girl should be. I wanted to be what I personify in my modelling:  Independent, Sexy, Good at my job and Really smart.

Duty after winning SIQ:

In my opinion, I believe charity work is one of the most important aspects of being a beauty queen. Its a different type of responsibility and role to try and fill. The main purpose is to further an important social cause using the popularity factor. Throughout my reign, how the world is primarily dominated by the male, “I think women have been treated like second class people no matter where in the world we go. I think we have reached a point where certain women are standing up for themselves and demanding to be taken seriously for their jobs, on merit. I think it is a great time for feminism, there are so many people standing up for women’s rights. So yes, this is a global problem, so I would partake perform this challenge and act to uplift this global issue.”