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The first fashion show designed to accentuate a transsexual silhouette, this show will be held for a whole day to represent the trans beauty and designers wardrobe. Our Trans woman are not afraid to take a chance in fashion. Their wardrobe is sexy and avant-garde, but constructed in a way that makes her look sophisticated and elegant. She is a chic trendsetter who loves to re-define how fashion is worn. Our collection fundamentally celebrates the woman in a man’s body, as well as personifies the subcultures values and goals in a confident way. At falling for Fashion “TransBlossom Fashion League” we believe that all Trans deserve beauty and luxury. That’s why we don’t design just for models. Our entire Trans Fashion line comes in sizes to 4X and our beautiful colours and draped breezy styles compliment all ages and figure types. Because our show is designed to be social event and we don’t want to bog it down with technical details we’ve included our proposal here so that you can learn what we’re all about and discover how you can get in on the profits of carrying our unique fashion league.