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The trunk show is a display of fashionable apparels & accessories displayed by 2 eminent designers Mr. Hari Anand from Kochi & Mr. Shravan Kumar from Hyderabad. For 2 days there will be thousands of unique products displayed at this trunk show which people can buy. Along with these 2 eminent designers, the IZA in-house designer brands are also displaying their products.

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The ‘inexhaustible explorer, dramatic designer’, Mr Kamal Raj Manickath owned brand new multi designer store in Bangalore IZA is located in Bangalore’s shopping hotspot Indiranagar and spread over two floors, the store covers 1250 sq ft of display area. A dream to all the fashionistas in Bangalore, a multi designer store with several great designers, all brought together under one roof. Along with Kamal Raj Manickath, Minku Buttar, Ashok Manay, Rani Pink by Indrani, Satomi, Shingora, Harsha Zambani and Bhusattva organic brand are showcasing their unique designs at the Iza Store. With elegant fashion, the store is all set to give its customers a refreshing and a wonderful shopping experience.

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Hari Anand is one of India’s leading fashion designers, is an artist and intellectual rolled in one. Based in studio at Cochin, Anand creates bridal wear for men and women, ready to wear designs, customized prints, scarves and ties. His entire collection is available at Glada, a designer boutique at Convent Road in Kochi. For Hari, every design is an Art on fabric and each design comes with a story or inspiration. Observation is the key element of his design. Like the proverbial devil, design is in the details. He has done show like KARMA and EVOLUTION. During the course of his long journey in the world of fashion, Hari has dressed up many celebrities and actors. They include Mugda Godse, Parvathy Omnakuttan, Amala Paul and Anais Veerapatren, Miss Mauritius. He has designed for a few Miss India winners such as Harshita Saxena, Shriya Kishore, Farah Hussein and Samvratha Sunil. Other celebrity clients include Kavya Madhavan, Prithviraj, Jyothirmayee, Candice Pinto, Bruna Abdulla… the list goes on and on.

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Shravan Kumar has carved a niche for himself as the Hyderabad city’s highly acclaimed fashion designer. During his journey for more than 18 years, he had created magic with fabrics, which were admired by people all across India. He has an unparalleled command on latest trends and styles. This research oriented designer looks up to fashion as his religion, than a mere passion and had set more trends, than he followed – this is evidently reflected in every work of his. His collections focusing on AP handlooms were showcased across Chennai, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Kochi and Vizag Fashion Weeks, Miss Hyderabad 2012 and Prann 2012. A graduate from London School of Fashion Designing with a specialization in colour psychology, Shravan describes fashion as a recurring cycle in a nutshell. He started Shravan’s Studio in 1991. His clients are high profile socialites and celebrities who are his true brand ambassadors. Apart from his clients, Shravan has been designing for Femina Miss India South, since 5 years and is also TOI’s favourite designer who does most of their events.


Don’t miss out to walk in on 25th and 26th at IZA in IndiraNagar, Bangalore.