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Akanksha Mohan

Hi Akanksha, Please introduce yourself.

My name is Akanksha Mohan and I am from the city of Nawabs Lucknow.

Like there are two sides to a coin,there are two sides to me as well, one being the professional that is an engineer and MBA and the other reflecting the passion for modelling and glamour industry.

How would you like to describe yourself?

I would like to describe myself as bold, courageous, independent young women with an attitude of go-get it.

I believe in creating an indelible mark in whatever I undertake. My hobbies are to dance, play badminton and swimming.

 Coming from a background where we had to relocate ourselves to new postings,this aspect of my life has always helped me look at life from a broader perspective.

 Which pageants have you been part of?

– Miss queen of india 2015 top 16

– Miss earth india 2015 finalist

– Dellywood miss india Maharashtra first runner up and Best catwalk

– Miss india queen of queens 2017 top 7, Best catwalk, North zone winner

Why are you participating in Miss Diva?

Participating in Miss Diva will give me the sense of achievement and sense of fulfillment and also the wonderful opportunity to represent my country internationally where I can inspire people and be the role model to many of them.