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Amanda Cerny tour of India

Amanda Rachelle Cerny, needs no introduction, Does she?. Across 35 million followers across various platform, this gorgeous young lady is also emerged as one of the most viewed instagram story accounts in the entire world, thats pretty huge to be honest. Amanda Cerny is the social media personality with big following and seems like she have quite a lot of fans all across the globe including India.

Luckily enough her fans in india got a chance to meet her in person, and they do seem to go gaga over this beauty. She attended the sixth edition of Youtube Fanfest that was held in March in Mumbai. She gave a power packed performance and her fans were delighted to see her on stage.

In India Amanda Cerny is also known as the doppelganger of Jacqueline Fernandez and during this visit of hers in India they both met and seem to have bonded really well. Comment down below if you think they look alike?

She also collaborated with few indian youtubers like Bhuvan Bam, Ankush Bahuguna and more.

She also visited Ahemdabad, went to see some local people there, spent time with them in a blush pink suit which was looking stunning on her. All in all it was a treat to have her in our country. Hope she will visit soon, lots of love from India

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