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Believe. This word is so powerful that anyone can almost achieve anything by just believing. First of all, believing is defined as accepting something as truth or probably feeling sure about an information you got. Believing plays a major role in shaping us. Another way to have a good future is to ‘believe’ that whatever happened in your past is for a reason and the reason is, to ‘believe’ that it’s for a better you.

All of us have believe in different things according to what we decide to follow and it can also be named in many ways. Believe in God is called faith, believe in someone is called confidence, believe in humanity is called love, and finally believing in yourself is called competence.

Let’s start with faith. When things seems to go rough, life is being so unpredictable, yet looking up and saying God, I know you have my back is called faith. Knowing that God has a master plan and all things are working for your good is faith. Faith has a way to attract miracles in our life. It activates the vibes to make way for you knowing that you are a strong ‘believer’.

Moving on to confidence. Someone hired you and probably you would have not gotten a chance to see your ‘big boss’. The Human Resource team decided that you would fit the job and your boss agreed to hire you – this is confidence. They have confidence in you. Every time when a child come back home with bad grades, somehow after advising or probably after ‘punishing’, the parents still show the same love and support towards the child – that is confidence. One of the best part of life is knowing that there is someone having confidence in you. Sometimes it is the best motivation.

Love. Four alphabets and it is truly indescribable. Can we actually get a real definition of love? It varies according to the people. It’s never the same with everyone. Love has the power to heal, love has the power to change lives, love makes things better, love builds, love protects, love give, love is compassionate, and love is merciful. Love has the ability to save someone even at their suicide point. It cost nothing to show love to someone, and by showing love, we will be able to make this earth a better place.

Last but not least, the most important factor – believing in yourself. That is the greatest magic. Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself. Everybody go through challenges and what would make the successful person different from the failed one is the determination. Someone decided to tell himself/herself that all will be better. Believing in themselves and rising again. Another truth is, someone can only believe you if you believe in yourself. So feed yourself with faith, confidence, and love – keep growing greater.