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Dress those tee’s


Ever wondered how do I make these Tee’s look more dressy? Because, this is the kind of thing everyone thinks is just too obvious: Anyone can Match those Tee with Jeans and no, that doesn’t need any high fashion skills Right? Since we are here, though, let me make a confession: I never wore the numerous tee shirts that is in the wardrobe and made it to an event. Why?? Coz its too casual or tomboyish. I realised that it is possible to be ultra feminine also with the most basic of looks. Forget any rock’n’roll inspiration and think of something cool and sensual, instead. Any more tips? Take a look at a few combinations you could combine you tee’s with to that event you are planning to without having to put too efforts…


Keeping it classic – Pair those graphic statement tee with jeans/pants and layer it over a button down shirt; what’s cooler than a chic statement tee over a classic checked shirt/plain shirt. Keep the accessories simple go for those stilettos or just keep it simple and wear those strappy sandals/canvas.

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Feminine – You don’t always have to be dressed in a bodycon or a skater dress for a feminine chic look; your tee can be your best friend. Pair those muted printed tee with flare or balloon short skirt for a trendy feminine look yet sporty for casual day out or even for that fun girls outing, pair a nude pump or go bold with boots. Accessories it according to the occasion, a touch of bling has never gone wrong 😉 hint hint !!

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Bling swing – Ever wished you could look like a diva in those tees and dint have to wear any expensive dresses and still look like a million buck? So here are the bling sequin skirts for the rescue; you can pair the tee with long mermaid sequin skirts or pair it with a sequin pencil skirt or even the straight long sequin skirt with a team and you are just ready to go even with that messy hair do this look is sure to create a swing.

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Blaze it up –  Big fan of statement tee and still want to wear it to work? Here is a few cool tricks you can follow and wear those tee to work and still look formal. Team it with your favourite jeans and throw on a well fitted blazer on top and also make those sneakers work for you; you are sure to look like a lady boss even if you are not. :-p There are variations of blazers colours and styles you can experiment with and enjoy the tee formal look.

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Cami play – Those cami’s don’t always need to have a sultry outlook. You can always downplay it with a tee and still look stunning in it. Go for variations of camisole dresses from run way to celebrity. It’s everyone’s favourite street style. Pair a plain tee with a camisole dress and team a sneaker or add that stiletto to it. A choker always works with this statement outfit.

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