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Glitz Mr, Ms & Mrs beauty pageant was recently concluded at Sandalwood hotel in the prime location of Goa. This was one of the most unique pageant that India has recently seen. It had a total of 30 finalists who travelled from different corners of India to be crowned the winner. Himani Deshwal of Delhi had organized this event after her international experience to groom these finalists of that level.

Some of the prime faces who were seen at the event were: Mr. Akash Agarwal (Glamorstreet) , Mr. Seyad sannulah (Seyad Fashion wardrobe), Ms. Aruna Goud (Fashion Era events), Mr. Sunny Pandey (owner of club Tao), Mr. Avinash Goel (AJ crowns and more), Mr. Kamran siddiqui (General manager of Sandalwood beach retreat Panajim) , Mr. Rakesh Kumar (auditionsbuzz.com)

Awardees for Miss Category were: Vishakha (Goa) was awarded Winner, First runner up was Simran from Hyderabad, Second runner up was a tie between Sabina Sheikh and Simran Chaudhary.
In Mrs category, the Winner was Gayatri parshekar (Goa), First runner up was Komal Hooda (Gurgaon), Second Runner up was Poonam (Goa).
In Mr category, the Winner was Sachin (Goa), First runner up awarded to Maltesh (Goa), Second runner up went to Amit (Goa).

We got to meet Himani And lets see what she had to see – ‘It was my first event that I organized and it was a great experience. The finalists were so good and they raised the standard of the fashion world. I would personally like to thank all the people who helped me in organizing this event successfully, especially Aruna Gowd. I want to congratulate all the winners for the achievement. I will take this as a stepping stone and like to do a lot more things now in the fashion industry. I also want to thank my friends and family who has supported me always.’

We also saw a great performance by celebrity singers Ms. Anjalee Akhouri and Mr. Kunal Sondhi. And the celebrity guest for the eventing was Ms. Sufi Gulati (Punjabi Actress).