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Ritz Gautam


Model, Actor, Anchor, Event Manager, and go on….. We have with us the all rounder Ms. Rituja Gautam whom we all know as RITZ GAUTAM. Lets see what the witty lady has to say about the fashion and her experience.

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Hi Ritz, please tell us about your modelling career to start with.
I started my career from Miss Gorgeous Bangalore and SIQ 2015 where I won Style Diva award and never stopped since then. I was first featured on Mtv in Roadies 9 and X1 PI round with Raghu, Rajeev and Ranvijay. Trust me, the experience was mind blowing and frankly speaking these guys are very nice in real life and bit different on screen. I then did character role in Movies like “Jaguar” Kannada and as Jessica in Tamil movie “Imaikka Nodigal” (shoot still in progress). I have done many E commerce shoots, Magazine shoots and Ramp shows in 2 years of my Fashion journey.


You have been part of beauty pageants. How do you think these pageants plays a major role in a model’s life?
It is important because when you want yourself to be noticed soon in Fashion industry, there is no other better thing to do then “Beauty Pageants”. It helped me groom myself better, I learnt how to walk and of course how to present myself in front of Fashion Industry.

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You always seemed to have projected yourself more as an tomboy. Why so?
I don’t know, what’s the definition of “TomBoy”, but I am Free, True, Bold and Straightforward. People tend to mistake me, but who are close to me do understand my witty nature.


What do you do when you are not modelling?
I own a event organising company “RitzTone Entertainmentz”, so as profession I host events like Fashion shows, wedding planning or any product launch and many more.


You have been part of fashion shows, photo shoots, ad shoots, movies. Which do you think has been the best and the challenging part for you?
“Movies” – Best and challenging – Viewers might feel it is easy to act but when you are in front of Camera with hundreds of people around, it is difficult to get the right expression.


Where do you plan to see yourself in the future?
I want to see myself as a stable and good ACTOR / ANCHOR in future.


Friendship always plays a major role in a person life. Tell us about your friends in fashion industry.
It is tough to maintain or have close friends in Fashion Industry, specially when all are competing for same thing. At some or the other point, you get disappointed. I do have very close friends who always support me but not from fashion Industry.

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Who are the people you would always like to thank and you wouldn’t have reached here without them.
The only person I would like to thank is my very close friend “Tony Wilson”. He is been supporting me from the time when I was nothing and no one even knew who is “Ritz Gautam”. He took me for all auditions, used to wait for me for hours, supported me emotionally when I was disrespected, gave me strength when I was rejected or demotivated by others.

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We have heard that you are a foodie. How do you maintain your perfect body shape?
Yes (Laughing), my tongue always wants to taste something new. I guess knowing or understanding the right quantity of food helps me maintaining my weight. Also Gym, I am not a fitness freak but as and when I get time I always hit the gym.


We also heard that you are a animal lover. Please tell us more on that.
One of the important part of my life is my shishtzu baby “Bubble”. She is too adorable and loves me a lot. No matter I am stressed, tired or tensed, the moment I see her and the way she shows her love gives me “Peace”.


The fashion field has a lot of Ifs and Buts. How do you suggest your friends to overcome this?
Stay strong and focused. Always listen to your heart and think about your family & friends before taking any decision. 


Lastly, what are the things you cannot stay without in your life?
My Family, My Dog “Bubble”, My friend “Tony Wilson” and money of course (Laugh Out Loud).

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