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When did I first visit India?
I was invited to India in March 2010 as I had a role here in. Kannada Movie.. first place I came to was Bangalore

How was my experience of living amongst Indians?
Fabulous- we are all human and one race, The human race, I especially loved the warmth and humility of people I met Jerez
What advice would I give my younger self?
To be kind to myself and take it all in my stride, to not be in so much of a hurry.
4- how did I start my celebrity career?
age 16 years on a car show for BBC called Top Gear!
What project am I currently working on?
I am just completing a pilot for my own TV show so can’t talk too much about that at the moment.
On what do I spend the most?
I’d say I love to buy clothes! And Shoes! Who doesn’t?!
Are you a bathroom singer?
Yes I am indeed and don’t we all sound fabulous in the bathroom? it echoes perfectly! Haha
 What do you do when you are not working?
I relax and eat good food with Family
Do you believe in Love at First Sight?
I believe in Instant Connections at first sight, it’s all about the energy! I am content in life so don’t need to give anything up, I am grateful to my creator daily for what I have got.
What have I learned about myself since becoming a celebrity?
Nothing more than I already knew, I don’t see myself as a celebrity I try to do the best I can at my work I am a perfectionist like that and it brings me satisfaction.
How did I meet Lucky Ali?
I met Maqsood in 2010, he sang the soundtrack for the Movie I was acting in.
How many charities have a worked for?
I’m an ambassador for Anthony Nolan and Lucy Air Ambulance
What made you work for charities?
Due to personal experience with Family the charities are close to my heart.
Where do I see myself in the next 25 years?
Living In the now and not worrying about time!