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Little and Teen Glam India Bangalore auditions 2019

Little and Teen Glam India Bangalore auditions were organised for our cute and young adults at Skylit in Cunningham Road, Bengaluru on the 15th of September. Children participated in huge numbers. There were two categories, the Little Glam was for children between 5 to 10 years while the Teen Glam was for children between 11 to 16 years.
Queens and Crowns was the grooming partner for the event, the event was presented by Glamor Street and powered by Coutu Roll.

It was a beautiful event where the different capabilities and talents of the children and the potential they have to offer to a world they are going to live in could be seen. We had talented jury to judge the kids the renowned designer Mr. Govind Kumar Singh , Miss. Nancy Gupta and Mr. Sujeesh Shanmughan. Lot of the parents also felt that the event was able to help build confidence among the children and how different children were able to showcase diverse talents.
The details of the next round would be out by the next week, keep checking Glamor Street to know the results and latest updates.