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Mahasati – Kannada serial @ Udaya Tv


Mahasati is a serial that portrays two families that is set in North Karnataka. The serial basically shows – bonding between humans and their relationships matter more than that of any caste, creed and divisions.

Two families that are so closely knit go through a roller coaster of emotions and situations when the protagonists get married under circumstances that portray how society deals with a widower and how friendship turns it all into a neat love story.

Aishwarya Baspure is playing the role of Aarti Hiremath, who is a teacher by profession and a very practical woman and is very attached to her family and values relationships.

“Being a model and a beauty pageant winner (Miss South India Queen – 2015), playing the role of a village belle required a lot of training and support that was duly given by the cast and crew of the team. Out director, has this immense credibility in the industry from the past 28-30 years and he can even get a rock to act! His patience and virtue and dedication towards his profession is appreciable beyond words! The characters in the serial, each have their own importance and there isn’t just one lead or main character. They all have their own role to support the serial into becoming what it is.” is what Aishwarya had to tell us.

With an enriching story that has captured hearts in entire Karnataka, Mahasati is garnering much attention and love because of how real it is! It is just not another story but a portrayal of life. As they say, life imitates art and art imitates life! Mahasati has completed 205 episodes and is on air every Monday to Friday from 6:00pm – 6:30pm on Udaya Tv.

The cast includes senior and versatile artists like Mr. Suneel Puranik, Mr. Sheshagiri Gubbi, Mrs. Shilpa, Mrs. Pushpa, Mr. Sagar Puranik and a whole lot of newcomers. The serial is beautifully directed by Mr. Suneel Puranik .

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