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Marathi film aspiring to create Guinness World Record through the medium of Relay singing

   This is first ever time that Relay singing is carried out in Indian Film Industry. In this process many singers come together to lend their musically matched voices to a song with each one singing a single word. In an earlier Relay singing recorded in 2006 at United Kingdom 288 students of John Bell School had come together to create a World Record. In another event Relay singing was recorded at Santosh Rungta Institute, Rajasthan in 2014. However this is the first time that such a song with Relay singing is being recorded for Indian Film Industry. The anxiety is huge as the experiment will be carried out in a Marathi film.

            Virag Madhumalati Wankhade has taken up the challenge for success in the same. His efforts are focused on achieving a place in Guinness World Records for Relay Singing. He has always selected odd paths to prove his mettle. He created a social cause through placing a band over his eyes for 100 days. Then he created record on a Reality Show ‘ Guinness World Record Ab todega India’ on Colors Channel through his synchronized Tabla playing with 155 Tabla players for 90 seconds. With this Guinness World Record in place he is confident that Relay singing will also be successful.

            Auditions for this initiative are being held at Mumbai now and will continue till the end of February. Till now around 500 contestants have spontaneously participated in audition. From the auditions that will further be held at Pune, Nashik, Marathwada and many Districts in Vidarbha finally 300 singers will participate in this work of art. Virag Wankhade has produced & directed Chak De productions Marathi film  “Dr. Tatya Lahane…Angaar…Power is within…” for which the relay song is going to be recorded.

            The Relay singing will be for the song “Kalokhala bhedun taku, Jeevanala ujaloon taku…” meaning…we shall lighten up the life by piercing darkness… The 108 word song will be sung by 300 singers in synchronization. The original song from the film has been rendered by Sadhana Sargam and Virag and himself has worded the lyric. The song has been composed by Music Director ‘Ek Hindusthani’. As this is the first incident of using Relay singing in Indian film industry, everyone is looking forward to the Marathi Film “Dr. Tatya Lahane…Angaar…Power is within…”.  Through the medium of this song a tribute has been paid to the work of Dr. Lahane. Producer Director Virag said that he is doing this film with a view to propagate the eminent social work of Dr. Lahane to every nook and corner of the World. The film will hit the screens very soon…