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Name:             Monica Zavier
Age:                  21
Hobbies:        Card making, Sudoku, Badminton
Place:               Bangalore

About me:

When it comes to talk about myself, I am the Princess of my Father and my Mother’s pride. ? My family is my lifeline and I live in a small lovely world with them. ?‍?‍? I believe I am a package of both a guy and girl. My friends call me “Beauty with brains”. And definitely believe that I’m one kinda person people should get to know in life. ? Epic piece. ??

Duty after winning SIQ:

Winning SIQ is not just a pride but a responsibility. Passing on the culture of humanity and the deeds learnt in the journey of SIQ will be  mandatory. I would hold up my pride of being the SIQ through a transformation in all my actions and living.