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Most Wanted Man – Virat Kohli

Do you realise you are no more date-able than you were last year.

Well, there are some very rare lucky instances when your love for cricket can come to your rescue in matters of love ?

Let’s break down a few lessons in being date-able from Virat Kohli, and count those hours you spent watching the match as research (Wow! Who would’ve thought ? )

Scruff Is Style Enough

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

I personally love how by sporting a simple fashion trend this guy turned from gawky-boy to stud! While he has been experimenting a lot with his hair, over the years the scruff has become a permanent part of his look. (By the way, beards were also the hottest trend at the Golden Globes.).

Like him, facial hair can be your boldest accessory. A neatly manicured beard can make you look distinguished, relaxed and elegant. Or, you could try a devil-may-care stubble that underlines your rebellious, hyperactive, aggressive side.

Which one would you prefer?

The Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

I love how the cricketer keeps experimenting with his hair. It’s mostly an undercut these days – which, luckily for you, any salon will be able to give you today.

And then, you could try your own variations. Whether you want it more like a fade (there’s both nice-guy and bad-ass options to the fade), or you want it slicked back, pushed back with your fingers, side parted, bedhead undone, in a wavy swoop or even like an exaggerated pompadour style when the hair’s really long – you can decide how you want to wear your hairstyle.

Take a little risk, guys. No great stories come out of always playing it safe ?

Fighting Fit

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

Ya girls love feasting their eyes on his physicality. No matter what he wears – tees, suits – everything works to flatter his awesome physique.

And you know it guys, there’s no short cuts to fitness. Hit the gym, work out a sweet sweat, and you’ll be drool-icious in our books!

Not Just A Game

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

This one’s simple: Just be the best. Okay, I’m kidding.

But look here. Kohli is breaking records left, right and centre, and earning admirers for what he does. The point is you’ve got to try and push to be the best. Whatever excites you, whatever is your passion – keep at it, better yourself, raise the bar every day.

There’s something hot about a guy with a fire to win.

Effortlessly Cool

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

Kohli is always clued on to trends – slim silhouettes, slip-ons. You can’t help but love his casual style, sometimes adding cool eye gear, at other times loosening a tie that takes the formal factor of the suit down a notch.

When your’re comfortable in your own skin, you can be stylish on your own terms. And it’s easier for a guy who has an interesting style, to sweep girls off their feet. It’s almost effortless.

Speak Up

Virat Kohli And The Date-ability Quotient

No girl can talk about Kohli without talking about how immensely floored she was when the guy stood up for Anushka Sharma. And with such attitude!

Standing up for your beliefs has disproportionately high weight-age when girls assess your date-ability ?

You may not have to take on the world to defend your girl, but definitely taking a stand for her makes you far more desirable than a guy who’s mere eye candy.

And that guys, is the last word on being date-able. Take it from Kohli.


Pics Source: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BDfY8nWh_HI/

Disclaimer: This is an editorial piece. No sportsperson/ celebrity mentioned here is associated with the brand.