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Remember the grown that sits upon your head it sits there not as a symbol of royalty that might denote one who it is to be served, but it sits there as a symbol of one who gives of herself/himself voluntarily for the benefit of those by whose name he/she is called, so now we welcome all the king/queen and prince/princess to participate in this challenge of royalty. Be a part of this pageant which is based on the theme of ROYAL INDIAN HERITAGE from Mughals, Marathas, Sikh, Rajputs etc.¬†Where most of the Rajkumari s, Rani’s Maharanis had lot of passion for dressing up to look good for their husband’s and princess for their would be husband ‘s attention.Even today in this changing era our married women who are queens for their husbands and unmarried girls are princess for their father While multitasking and playing different roles also love to look good and feel royal ..
Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur and her mother Indira Devi patron of “Ferragamo” who had passion for jewels and jewels studded shoes with highly personified dress sense is a perfect example of fashionistas. More than her it was her husband who loved to lavish his royal wife with dazzling jewellery and royal couture.
Her jewellery and couture collection was so vast and included almost all the jewels one can think of. Because of this, she was always seen wearing beautiful jewels n attires gaining her praise and attention among her socialites.
Inspiring from our Indian heritage.