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“30,000 whiskers on the face but none of them for humanity.”

Did you know that women perceive bearded men as healthier and attractive? Did you know that the beard grows 5.5 inches annually? Did you know that Facial Hair can block 95% of the sun’s harmful rays? If you don’t know any, no issues but you definitely know that No Shave November is not just about growing facial hair and uploading pictures on Social Media.

Every year since 2009, the whole world celebrates No Shave November as a fashion festival, all the boys wait for November to be men, well, real men would not just celebrate it for style but act upon it as a support for people suffering from cancer.

Cancer patients lose their hair during their treatment, and to support these patients the No Shave November Foundation in association with American Cancer Society spreads awareness and raises funds every year.

There is nothing wrong in growing facial hair, but there is something great in donating the money saved by not visiting the barber to the cancer society. As the month comes to an end, we at Glamorstreet give you an opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary activity.

Be there at I Bar, The Park Hotel, Bengaluru on the 29th of November 2017 and celebrate the humanity in you by donating a part of your savings. Donations can be made in different values of Rs 300, 500 or 1000 and each donor will be given a certificate of donation at the entry.

Be the Change you wish to see.