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Name:             Prathiksha Kamath
Age:                  19
Hobbies:        Photoshoots, Modelling, Dancing, Travelling, Cleaning
Place:               Bangalore

About me:

I love learning about new things, such as few steps of a different dance form that’s not my genre, few authentic recipes from my grandmother and mother; listening and learning from my father’s philosophical talks that motivates and inspires me.

Duty after winning SIQ:

If I will be given the opportunity to become South India Queen 2017, my duty would be to become a good Samaritan to some unfortunate people. As the pageant is beauty with a cause, I would want to do small changes that would make a big difference. I would encourage girls to join this pageant so that they could also experience what I have experienced and been part of this wonderful journey. By helping and doing good deeds, I would want to set an example to the youth and encourage them to do so.