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Name:            Priya
Age:                 18
Hobbies:       Sketching, Learning salsa and belly dance
Place:              Bangalore

About me:

I am like a lonely one. I be in my own world. I take little time to adjust in the starting. And once I get adjusted I would never get apart. I am an confute one, never kept on explaining about myself to others, never bothered much about what others think of me. I don’t have any egos, but some times I do mind it. ?

Duty after winning SIQ:

Firstly, SIQ has brought a lot of changes in me. Whether I win or not, the duty continues like, spending time in NGOs as and when I am free from my work. And I am already doing that. I take chocolates for kids of Government school, bring awareness about studies to them. Day by day SIQ is gripping in me, and as days pass on I would be a pure hearten person.