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Name:            Shruthi Ranjan
Age:                 24
Hobbies:       Belly dancing, Dubsmashes, Music-allys, Make up artist

About me:

I’m a girl, a lady, a women who stands for her own belief in this world. I am a woman who is soft yet strong. I hold my heart out in my palm. I smile at people – strangers and friends alike. I’ve grown up believing that the world is beautiful and that even in the terror, even in the pain, even in the brokenness – there is still hope. I do not let myself be taken advantage of. I take determined steps and stand my ground. I raise my voice and use my head just as much as my heart. When it comes to a crossroads, I take my time – not because I am scared or weak, but because every decision I make is calculated and thought through. Being on this platform is a great respect and huge responsibility.

Duty after winning SIQ:

On winning this wonderful platform, I would raise an organisation for the needy, rescue shelter for animals, and also  curing centre for them specially which are homeless and disaster stricken. I want to come up with an organisation that would suffice plenty of animals with food and proper medicinal support for their healthiness and well being. I feel, every living being in this world deserves proper respect and care. I hate the fact that there are so many people out there who neglects and torture such immensely faithful creatures and I will treat them.