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TEDxBIT Bangalore

We encounter many ideas throughout the time , it is only those ideas that are powerful enough to break through the walls of mind can take shape in real world. Pivoting to this, the theme “Yearning Ripple” signifies the fact that only those ripples that are strong and yearning, reach the shore. Today’s world has evolved to provide big space to growing ideas. A potential idea is the one that is capable of shaping The world with its way of implementation. Capability of an idea is decided by its way to accomplish or innovate the present requirement. An idea or solution to a particular problem if seen through diverse viewpoints gives birth to innovation. An idea needs to survive through different levels of implementation. This key point is necessary for its realistic impact. Acknowledging an idea and finding the need to innovate it can significantly make its implementation easy. Our theme focuses on such ideas or ripples that are capable of impacting the real world. Get to know such ideas at TEDxBIT Bangalore.

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