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The new Flame Lord acknowledged, and you will Azula premiered

The new Flame Lord acknowledged, and you will Azula premiered

not, she designed to discover and kill Ursa to prevent the woman regarding preventing the girl intends to grab the throne of Zuko

Azula showed up at the the woman coronation looking forward sufficient reason for the woman hair still chaos, although the skills is actually disturbed when Katara and you can Zuko came into problem the girl. The woman unstable reputation shone compliment of noticeably, since Zuko can potentially pick up on it, and therefore try found then as the lady obvious insanity weakened the woman fighting overall performance getting Zuko in order to decisively overpower their in the course of time. [1] She also was instantaneously goaded from the Zuko into using lightning even after knowing he could reroute it and only changed their notice for the the past second to get rid of what might yes was defeat because of the focusing on Katara, making Zuko disabled, at which part Azula demonstrated an ever-increasing level of mockery for the the latest duo. Her arrogance and you will mental state ultimately enjoy Katara, even after clearly getting a lot less strong than simply Azula because of Sozin’s Comet, to help you beat and strings the girl for the soil. As soon as Azula spotted Zuko rose, the new Fire Country princess screamed into the anger and you will anger if you’re breathing flames uncontrollably and you will furiously unable to crack herself 100 % free, losing to your complete madness, crying loudly. She pulled herself along the soil helplessly, a complete the quantity from this lady insanity leading to both Zuko and you may Katara to view that have obvious despair despite the she had put them owing to. [11] So it description is the completion off their unsuccessful reference to this lady mommy and her jealousy to the Zuko to possess finding more of their mom’s affection, [9] brand new betrayal she sustained at the hands of Mai and Ty Lee, [28] this lady defeat by Zuko and you can Katara lastly her inability so you’re able to end up being crowned Fire Lord. So it madness received her Zuko’s shame, and you may Azula is spared of jail and you will alternatively invested in an excellent psychological state business into the local isle on the Fire Country to own prospective greatest cures.

Of the extension, the lady view off Zuko got improved significantly: Regardless if still cruel and you can scathing, she insisted that he had the performance to be “strong” instance by herself

A year later, a distinctly emotionally unpredictable Azula recognized work away from coaxing Ursa’s whereabouts out of Ozai away from Zuko, saying that not one date had opted from the in which she had perhaps not questioned what became of their mother. [32] Reciprocally, she expected permission to become listed on her cousin towards the his journey and you can are permitted to traveling unbound in accordance with self-esteem. When you find yourself she got regained the majority of the girl prior temperament, since she boastfully required men and women to focus on this lady means and you can forcefully answered to help you annoying items, even when sometimes, she however suffered with psychotic symptoms, believing that group up to their was conspiring along with her mom inside the buy to carry the lady off. [33] Fundamentally, but not, she given up these two wants just after Zuko indicated that the guy do take care of their unconditionally no matter what. Leaving Ursa live and you will giving Zuko back the fresh new letter which will possibly oust him regarding the throne, Azula ran removed from the remainder of the group. sito incontri buddisti [34]

Azula subsequently experienced a level which she after also known as finding the girl “destiny”. Discarding many of their old wishes, for instance the pursuit of full electricity, she overcame a number of the woman insecurities. Even though nonetheless slightly unhinged and you may obsessed with governing by the instilling worry, Azula realized that she you certainly will laws compliment of Zuko and you may and so display the duty to be Flame Lord; so it contributed to this lady impression freer than ever. On top of that, she greeting by herself to open way more to anybody else than before ahead of, outlining this lady the fresh new comrades just like the “sisters” and you will openly informing Zuko out-of her schemes. Watching Zuko’s societal apology towards citizenry, Azula remained smug, positive that he would been to their attitude after a while. [36]