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Themes for Wedding this season


With the summer over our heads weddings indoor is much more relaxed and comfortable. And guess what cost effective. you should try an indoor garden theme, instead of using expensive exotic flowers try sticking with the greenery different layers of greenery. Walls decorated with greenery. Setting up furniture to suit the setting. To keep it cost effective you can borrow furniture instead of buying. You will definitely have friends that maintain luscious gardens hence it saves a lot of money!


Vintage is the soft elegant way to style your wedding. Keeping it an intimate occasion. Using pale colors, lots of lace, antique mirror frames,antique set up, pearl details and lots of candles giving it a classic feel. You can also theme it with two colors like black and gold color palette. This creates an elegant and romantic atmosphere.


When it comes to wedding set up nothing can beat the good old Bollywood style weddings from yash raj movies. You can always choose a movie and pick a theme according to it. Like the classical dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge or k3g set up is enough to impress everyone.


What more trendy than an arabian style wedding where the whole set up can be done with typical Aladdin and the magic lamp. The decorations with the middle eastern touch, with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, cushions and how can we forget the magic carpets.


This was for a mehendi in Udaipur. The bride was from the states and wanted something super colourful for her mehendi. So we picked elements from the local rajasthani bazaar, pinwheels, puppets, umbrellas, used dhols as coffee tables and filled chai glass holders with gulab and mogra. Bought clay elephants off the road and painted them in bright neon colours. Had people making lac bangles live and giving away bandhani duppattas and traditional jootis.