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The annual United Charities Bazaar is back again! A unique gathering of charities from all over India, joining hands to host one of the most sought after Christmas Bazaars in Bangalore!

Who would have thought that an idea formulated over a cup of coffee over 40 years ago would take momentum and begin to change the lives of so many people through an annual Christmas bazaar. The United Charities Bazaar, popularly referred to as ‘Charity Bazaar’, ‘Christmas Bazaar’ or the ‘Bowring Sale’ (since its humble beginnings at the Bowring Club), is the largest and most colourful festive bazaar of the year where over a hundred charities and N.G.O’s come together and put up stalls to raise funds for their respective causes.

The bazaar opens to a flurry of sights, sounds and tastes in order to help the underprivileged through a sale that includes everything from handicrafts and Christmas decor, table linen and t-shirts, homemade jams and jellies, pickles and pies, cakes and cookies and much more. The event is promoted by proVISION INDIA, a Bangalore based NGO focused on rural development, training and setting up self-sustainability projects for unemployed youth and women across the country. The bazaar has been growing in size, adding over 20 charitable organisations to its list each year.


On SATURDAY, the 8th DECEMBER 2018 at #63, United Theological College, Miller’s Road, Benson Town, Bangalore, 46    .